Hitchin: Who is behind mysterious 'Pavements are for People' fliers appearing on Bearton Road?

  Posted: 23.07.21 at 13:10 by Layth Yousif @HitchinNubNews

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Have you seen them, or had one stuck on your car in certain parts of Hitchin?

We're talking about the 'Pavements are for People' fliers that have been appearing on Bearton Road.

It appears someone is not happy with cars parked on pavements along the busy thoroughfare.

If you're behind it, we'd love to talk to you and get your take on just why you're letting drivers know your displeasure with their parking.

A local resident who spoke to us on condition on anonymity said: "We all know cars shouldn't be parked on pavements. But the majority of cars parked on pavements on Bearton Road are from people who live there.

"Bearton Road is such a tight road - where else are cars meant to park? If you parked on the road you'd lose your wing mirrors.

"It's not like, say, Redhill Road, where the vast majority of cars that stop there are to use the shops.

"So what do the people behind 'Pavements are for People' really want drivers on Bearton Road to do with their cars?'

If you are connected with 'Pavements are for People' then we'd love to hear from you. Email [email protected]

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