Scunthorpe United 0-1 Stevenage: PLAYER RATINGS

  Posted: 08.05.21 at 17:12 by Owen Rodbard at Glanford Park

Stevenage ended the season on a high note after a 1-0 win against Scunthorpe at Glanford Park.

An Elliot List header in the 60th minute claimed the three points, and ensured Boro reached that 60 point mark that manager Alex Revell was eager to hit.

Romain Vincent was given a guard of honour after the final whistle to mar his last match as a professional footballer.

Boro go into next season full of hope, and surely will be hoping to push for promotion next term after a promising second half of the campaign this season.


Jamie Cumming: 6- Some good reactions to come out of his box and clear the ball, good hands

Romeao Hutton: 6.5- Poor delivery apart from the cross for the goal, ran the channels very well, electric

Terrence Vancooten: 7- Unlucky with some brilliant balls forward, composed on the ball and looked to push the team up the pitch

Scott Cuthbert: 7- Calm, composed, put his feet and head to good use

Joe Martin: 5.5- Looked clumsy at times, some positive running with little reward

Jack Smith: 7.5- Picked up some good positions in the pocket, some positive balls down the channel, bright future ahead for this lad

Tom Pett: 8.5- Outstanding as always, some good recovery challenges and looked sharp in the centre, simply sensational footballer

Chris Lines: 6.5- Some good balls forward and out to the wings, battled well in midfield

Arthur Read: 7- Tricky feet in tight areas, some good crosses into the box

Luke Norris: 7- Bustling, was a menace, failed to take a couple of chances, did well to get out of some tight spots

Elliot List: 7.5- Energetic, quick with his feet, brilliant header for his goal,


Vincelot: 8
Newton: 7.5
Williams: 7


Howard: 5- Good hands, good communication with his defence

Howe: 5- Found it hard to gain ground on his wing, some positive runs forward on the ball and tried to create chances albeit no reward

McGahey: 5.5- Led his line well, struggled with the ball at his feet,

Taft: 4.5- Struggled with the pace of List and the power of Norris, subbed at half time

O’Malley: 5- Kept under ropes by Hutton and Read

Green: 5- Pacey, wanted to take on his man, looked a threat

Spence: 5.5- Kept quiet by Pett all game

Beestin: 5- Tried to get on the ball but did little with it when in possession

Hippolyte: 4.5- Little impact on the game

McAtee: 5- Had a couple of good chances but failed to convert

Loft: 5- Towering, won his aerial duels, looked lazy at times


Bedeau: 6
Rowe: 5.5
Pugh: 5
Jessop: 5.5