Fans react after Hitchin Town FC launch 'superb' new badge similar to Premier League new boys and fellow Canaries Norwich City

  Posted: 29.04.21 at 16:39 by LAYTH YOUSIF @HitchinNubNews

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Fans have reacted to Hitchin Town FC unveiling a new badge - that looks uncannily similar to Premier League new boys Norwich City.

Hitchin Town Football Club revealed a complete new look with a re-designed and different club crest on Thursday.

The new badge features a canary to reflect the club's nickname and came at no cost to the club.

Club director Andy Melvin said: "We’ve been known as the Canaries for so long, it’s never made sense to me that our crest didn’t feature one.

"We’re delighted with the new design, which is both modern and respectful of our historic past.

"It gives us a unique identity as a club, something which is instantly recognisable and which our supporters can wear with pride.”

Fans react after Hitchin Town FC launch new badge similar to Premier League new boys and fellow Canaries Norwich City

It also includes the year of the first Hitchin team's formation, 1865, and coincides with the 150th anniversary of that Hitchin side playing in the first FA Cup.

Secretary Roy Izzard said: “A huge amount of research has gone into this project and we’re incredibly grateful to the brand project manager Stewart Curtis, who together with the expert design skills of Christopher Payne has delivered a fantastic new crest for Hitchin Town Football Club."

Read on for a selection of fan comments taken from various social media platforms.

@CardyFreddie: Absolutely love it 💛💚💛💚

@Danny_d_pearson 💛💚💛💚

@kamikazekate Superb. Absolutely love it

@pipmytip so good!!!!

@steveLIVS: The new @HitchinTownFC crest and this video is class. Great work! Well done to everyone involved.

@paulcooke6: Well it’s nice to see another canary, a very cool looking badge. I’ll follow you with interest. I think #ncfc should play you guys preseason…

@di1cox: This is lovely

@NorwichTalk1902: Absolutely beautiful!😍

@PeterDavidKirby: I love this. For #Norwich City supporters who aren’t aware #Hitchin Town are a football club from Hertfordshire who also play in yellow and green and are known as the canaries.

@puffpuff65: Impressive, very professional

@CRN60476706: Look great, cool retro feel to it but modern as well

@ManchopperBlog: It’s better than most rebrands – not as good as the original, of course – but at least it’s not the generic circle rubbish!

@NellyEvans79: :This is superb, love the new identity and the launch video. Well done Hitchin

@stuart_wally: Yes I echo the previous thoughts, excellent video explaining he thought and the history that’s gone into it, have we got any direct links to Norwich? If not now is a good time to. Well done all

However, there were a few dissenting voices out there who were not impressed by the rebrand...

@LouisMKD: Norwich City cut and paste job that

@MacMenUnite: Turned into Norwich?

@stevegedge: I suspect that had #ncfc ever trademarked their badge they might be getting a bit hot under the collar about this – especially given events during a previous chief executive’s tenure…

@dpb1964: Awful re-brand.

@onlyonejhenry: What a downgrade.

@vickimum61972: New crest looks a bit like the Norwich City one!

@Curtis_furness: Why does this feel like fraud? #ncfc

@sharemyyear: #ncfc fans going nuts – yellow and green, on Hummel you say?

@hopwas2010: It’s like looking at Norwich City crest!

Although, as the official Hitchin Town social media accounts posted in response: 'You can't win them all...'

To purchase the Canaries stunning new badge click here

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