Tier 2 is right place for Hertfordshire to combat Covid says county leader David Williams

  Posted: 30.11.20 at 12:37 by Deborah Price

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Tier two restrictions are 'the right place' for Hertfordshire, despite a fall in cases of Covid in recent weeks, according to the leader of the county council.

Figures from the middle of November show that the weekly rate of infection in Hertfordshire (per 100,000 population) was running at 172 – and was on the rise.

But by November 21 – just one week later – that figure had fallen to 136.

The significant decline may have prompted some hopes that the county would emerge from lockdown into a tier with looser restrictions.

However, leader of the county council councillor David Williams insists tier two is 'the right place' for Hertfordshire.

He said it was 'unlikely' the county would move into a lower tier before Christmas – and that the county may be in Tier 2 for a while.

He said the 'significant decline' in cases over the seven-day period had been 'really positive' and “a great achievement on the part of Hertfordshire residents”.

He added the way Hertfordshire had performed in lockdown period bode well for the county going forward.

But despite the decrease in the infection rate, he said the government had no alternative than to put Hertfordshire into Tier 2.

“There is a fine line here – and if we are being realistic Tier 2 is the right place for us to be at the moment,” he said.

However he did say he had anticipated ‘a but more of a detailed dialogue with government’ before the decision was made.

And he accepted the Tier 2 decision would have an impact on Hertfordshire residents.

“Tier 2 is going to be quite challenging for a number of our residents and businesses – particularly in the hospitality sector,” he said.

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