Hitchin: TrendLife Magazine survey - Five things missing from our town centre

  Posted: 04.05.21 at 11:18 by LAYTH YOUSIF @HitchinNubNews

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A brilliant magazine covering Beds, Bucks and Herts ran a survey asking Hitchin residents shops, businesses and other things they would like to have in our town centre - and the results are in!

TrendLife Magazine had more than 400 responses including 40+ suggestions in their bid to find out what people believe is missing in the centre of Hitchin.

The lifestyle magazine for the three counties received many ideas to boost the centre of our town, including a Vietnamese restaurant, a gin bar, a toy shop and even escape rooms.

However, read on for the things Hitchinites voted in order of 10 to five...

10) McDonalds/KFC...

Despite the golden arches on Nightingale Road, a few people wanted a Maccy D's in the centre of town. Along with a concession for the bearded poultry icon. Memo to fast food aficionados: Neither is likely to happen. Not when you've got people queuing for hours to get a taste of the brilliant independent that is Chicken George on Bancroft...

Hitchin: TrendLife Magazine survey - Five things missing from our town. PICTURE: Hitchin Town Centre map by Dan Bramall aka Dan the Scribbler. CREDIT: Dan Brammall aka Dan the Scribbler

9) A record store

Now this suggestion is one Nub News can get behind. How wonderful would it be to have our equivalent of Letchworth's David's Music in the centre of Hitchin? Browsing vinyl is one of life's great pleasures. As is savouring a genuine record store. Any music lovers out there want to make it happen?

8) Live outdoor entertainment

A good shout. But difficult at the moment in a post-Covid world. Who remembers Rhythms of the World in the town, and then at the Priory? Now that was a proper music festival. Such a shame it didn't work out in the longer term at the Priory. HNN understands organisers would still like to bring back music to the town centre. The question, as ever, is one of cost and logistics...

7) A vegan restaurant

Hitchin Market Place during a heatwave. CREDIT: @HitchinNubNews

Forgive us but doesn't Chia Naturally Healthy on Market Place count...?

6) An independent book store

Yes please. With Waterstones cutting back across the country we are genuinely lucky to still have a branch in Hitchin. Hitchin Nub News would like to highlight the brilliant staff there too, but, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the equivalent of Letchworth's David's Bookshop in the centre of Hitchin to complement Waterstones? If you've ever been to Hay on Wye, you'll know a town can never have enough independent booksellers.

For the top five visit TrendLife Magazine and hit subscribe

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