Hitchin Phase: Taking time away can recharge your batteries!

By Layth Yousif

20th Sep 2021 | Opinion

Hitchin Phase: Taking time away can recharge your batteries!
Hitchin Phase: Taking time away can recharge your batteries!

Phase is a small Hitchin charity with a big mission – to work alongside young people to promote their wellbeing and resilience.

Across the last year their mission has become even more important as we all face the challenges of lockdown, social distancing and stress caused by Covid.

Phase strongly believe that when children are supported early it is possible to prevent more serious emotional and mental health issues developing.

But what about the brilliant, hard-working Phase team?

They took a rare short break in the form of a retreat. Find out how they got on, and how vital it was for them.

Here's Phase's Elizabeth Feltoe on the trip - and how beneficial it was for everyone.


Last week the Phase team went on retreat.

We took two days out to spend time learning together, reflecting and thinking, and hanging out together as a group of friends and colleagues.

It's different from your standard team away day in that we didn't once talk about KPIs, our vision for work, improvements we could make to our services, or where we might professionally need to develop.

Instead it was about stepping away from the office, looking in a different direction that complements our day jobs but that wasn't about The Work.

It was, incidentally, but not surprisingly, the first retreat we've been able to hold in person for 18 months and it was brilliant to be together (even if Kieran is brutally competitive when it comes to board games!)

What's interesting (and this realisation will have come to others before I was reminded of it!!) is that spending time and taking a step back from the front line can be so invigorating and productive, even though it can feel like you're doing the opposite – leaving the to do lists, emails and planning on your desk undone for a few more days.

What you may 'lose' in time away from work is 'gained' by the clarity of thought and refreshment you get.

So, speaking personally I feel recharged, more focused, better able to plan my time and prioritise and excited for how I am going to put what I learned about resilience into practice both in my work for Phase, but in other areas of life as well.

And I have bossed the to do list this week, which goes to show that sometimes taking time away can be exactly what you need to catapault yourself forwards!

For you – when was the last time you took some time away from whatever your front line is?

Not half-away but a full chunk of time when you gave yourself permission to switch off and focus on something else….

For more information on the amazing work Phase do in our community click here


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