Wellington Evans give you the lowdown on Market Appraisals

  Posted: 20.12.21 at 17:01 by LAYTH YOUSIF @HitchinNubNews

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Hitchin estate agent Wellington Evans are the exclusive sponsor of our Property Section.

Wellington Evans is a unique team, made up of experienced local estate agents Nick Wellington and James Evans, who live and breathe property in North Hertfordshire, including the Hitchin area, as well as Central Bedfordshire.

A market appraisal functions as an interview to help you find the right estate agent for your sale - so, read on for their expert lowdown on Market Appraisals


Market Appraisals - how do they work?

For those of you who don't have experience of this topic, you might be apprehensive. Don't be. There is no need.

It's not an intense sales pitch, rather, it's an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with Wellington Evans and exactly how we can assist you.

We've penned a guide to boost you ahead of your appraisal.

Market Appraisal

Our market appraisals last between three quarters of an hour to a couple of hours.

The thing to remember is that it's all about your needs. Bear in mind, we're extremely flexible, rather than rigid in our approach.

Our meeting will involve a chat about your needs and expectations and then a walkthrough of your property.

We'll take measurements and other information that will help our appraisal.

After collecting the vital stats we need, we'll conduct a follow-up discussion, in which we'll further analyse your property, the marketing strategy we recommend, and the corresponding pricing structure.

Communication is crucial

During our visit, we'll have a chat about your needs.

In fact it's the perfect opportunity for you to help us to discern your expectations.

At Wellington Evans we understand selling your home is always about much more than simply price.

We want to hear about past experiences, the negative as well as the positive - because this will help build our relationship with you.

While we may not iron out every single concern you may have, we will most certainly do our utmost to assure you wherever we can.


You are more than welcome to come with us during a walkthrough of your property. Equally, we're happy to conduct a walkthrough without anyone else present.

As we analyse your property, we'll note anything else that will help formulate our advice and will often take measurements as we go – although this is not always essential.

Pricing and Strategies

After viewing your property, we will sit down with you and go through our recommendations in detail.

Please note there are multiple marketing strategies due to the fact that one size does not fit all.

This is our opportunity to have a conversation about what we think will work well with your property - and what could be the best strategy for you and your family.

Instead of simply quoting a number, we'll walk you through the market, as well as comparable properties, in order to arrive at a figure we believe is the correct price for your home.

We very much see this conversation as a partnership, so please share your thoughts or opinions through the process, in a bid to underpin the fact we're all singing from the same songsheet.

Your move

We acknowledge it can be a challenge knowing when to begin searching for a property, especially with the market situation being so fluid at times.

Wellington Evans know we're all more satisfied when we have all facts to hand - so please feel free to use our expertise when deciding on your next move.

If we know exactly what you require in a property, we can look for anything that might interest you, or offer advice on pinpointing a rental property.

More information

While we won't thrust you into the market sooner than is necessary, we will analyse contract lengths and fees.

We want to give you the knowledge you require to progress the sale of your property.

Whether you aim to go to market imminently, or not, we will always provide honest expert advice.

A market appraisal functions as an interview to help you find the right estate agent for your sale.

We will always follow up your appraisal with a written document relating to all that we discussed.

Our aim is to keep in contact with you - but without overwhelming you.

Whoever you opt for, you'll be probably be working with them for a while - and as such, you need to find the perfect fit for you.

Contact Wellington Evans

To organise a market appraisal, call Wellington Evans on 01462 229555 or email us at [email protected], alternatively please fill out our contact form here

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